Clark® Bar:
Clark Bars

The History of Clark® Bar

The history of Clark Bar begins all the way back in 1886 when a man named David Clark (see the connection here?) created the D.L. Clark Company after years of excelling in a multitude of professions. Being the tough American entrepreneur with the “can do” attitude that he was, David Clark quickly grew his candy manufacturing business into a national success, creating innovative candies filled with coconut, mint and peanut butter. You know, all the good stuff.

The D.L. Clark Company produced many successful treats throughout its time in operation, with the most famous one being the reason you’re reading this right now: the Clark Bar. After several years of changing ownership, the Clark Bar has found a secure home with NECCO, a company known for its commitment to producing the classics, like the Clark Bar, at the high level of no-nonsense quality as David Clark did back in 1886.