Take a bite out of Halloween!

Red Hot Cinnamon Bat Wing Wafers

Red Hot Cinnamon Bat Wing Wafers You don’t have to be nocturnal to love Batwing Wafers! In a bold, red-hot cinnamon flavor, these Wafers provide a sizzling bite to your Halloween!

Give your mummy a hug!

Sweethearts Mummy Hearts

Sweethearts Mummy Hearts Mummy hearts will awaken your taste buds with four new spooky flavors of toasted marshmallow, hot chocolate, grape and candy corn which are all so hair-raisingly tasty, they’ll be hard to keep under wraps!


Zombie Food

Zombie Food Zombie Food is a creepy treat of milk chocolate covered brains, hearts and feet filled with OOZY red caramel. Do you know someone who loves zombies? Or more importantly, are you a zombie yourself? If you answered yes, stagger out and get your undead hands on Zombie Food!

Mighty monster munch!

Mighty Malts Laydown Bag

Mighty Malts Laydown Bag Crunchy and chocolaty, Mighty Malts are a year-round favorite. For Halloween, these malted milk balls are packed in threes - just the right size for monsters to grab and go on a night of chilling adventures!

Something sweet is brewing!

Candy Cauldron

Candy Cauldron Candy Cauldron is a spooky mix of Candy Buttons, NECCO Wafers, Slap Stix and Mighty Malts. Each of these yummy treats are miniature sized - perfect to gorge on with all the little ghosts and goblins on Halloween!

Do you believe in magic?

NECCO Jr. Wafers Laydown Bag

NECCO Jr. Wafers Laydown Bag Children of all ages look forward to bringing home NECCO’s most famous candy on Halloween night. Wrapped in Junior-sized rolls to share with your fellow warlocks, NECCO Wafers never fail to create a little magic for every trick or treater!

Wickedly good!

Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses Laydown Bag

Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses Laydown Bag All decked out in the colors of the season, Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses are the most beloved Halloween treat. For generations, no one has been able to resist these wickedly delicious molasses flavored chews filled with fresh, real peanut butter!

Vanished without a trace!

Halloween Candy Buttons®

Halloween Candy Buttons® The tiniest and tastiest of all candies now comes in a fun Halloween package that is sure to bring bright smiles to even the gloomiest Halloween night.

It’s getting nutty out there!

Peanut Lover's Mix

Peanut Lover's Mix Peanut Lover’s Mix contains a tempting mix of NECCO’s best peanut butter candies: Mary Janes, Clark Bars, and Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses. Each yummy candy is made with real peanut butter for frighteningly good taste! But beware: it may cause the trick or treaters to get a little nutty!

Under your spell.

Mary Jane Laydown Bag

Mary Jane Laydown Bag Mary Janes have filled trick-or-treat bags since their creation in 1914. These delectable goodies are made with molasses and real peanut butter - simply enchanting!